J&S Control systems

We offer Touchscreen controlled 'Easy' or
CNC system options for our Surface & Cylindrical
grinders & Touchscreen controlled CNC for our
Creepfeed models


'Easy' Control System for both Surface & Cylindrical models









The Jones & Shipman ‘Easy’ control system has been developed for both cylindrical and surface grinding to offer the operator the advantages of CNC without the complexity of traditional CNC systems.

Easy-to-use Jones & Shipman icon based software is combined with a Touchscreen control which can interpolate two or more axes simultaneously, to enable precision grinding of complex shapes, angles and surfaces. This extremely simple system guides the operator and allows him to digitise positions and create programs without any computer knowledge.

At start-up the operator is offered three simple options: Manual control mode, Wheel Dress mode or Grind Cycle mode.

Manual Mode enables the grinder to operate as a simple hand controlled machine, with manual dress and no setup procedures. Work speeds and feeds are adjustable via the touchscreen.

Dress Mode options are dependent on the model and range from a Basic Mode with straight dress only to an Advanced Mode which offers five standard wheel shape options and full ISO.

Grind Cycle Mode is also dependent on the model but allows from 1 only, or up to 20 grind cycles to be incorporated, as the complexity of the component dictates.

Operator friendly features include DIGITISE during setup, DRESS ON DEMAND at any time and TRIM for both dress and grind Datums plus a RE-GRIND for any individually selected grind element without having to alter or adjust any program.


  • Touchscreen control.
  • Easy & Rapid Set up for Automatic Cycles.
  • Easy Manual Operation.
  • In Cycle/Out of Cycle Dressing with Full Compensation.
  • Dress on Demand with Full Compensation.
  • Regrind facility.
  • No Expensive & Complex Dressing Devices Required.
  • Easy Down load/Up load to PC, PDA or Network.
  • Basic software suite has Straight Dress and Surface Grinding Cycles only.

Advanced software suite includes the following:

  • Dressing and Grinding cycles.
  • Straight, Facing, Slotting or Vee Form wheel Macros.
  • Easy Form Dressing of Complex Profiles.
  • Plunge, Area, Face, Multi-Plunge, Multi-Slot, Multi-Plunge & Area grind Macros.



Full CNC Systems for both Cylindrical & Creepfeed ranges


Jones & Shipman also offer Full CNC packages all with Windows® embeded system software and incorporating our own programming software with state-of-the-art Fanuc® Touchscreen 0i-TD or 320i control systems. Each package has been designed to minimise set-up times, fundamental in reducing machined component costs whilst maximising manufacturing output.

Easy to follow set-up pages with graphical images allow the operator to digitise diamond and wheel positions by means of the simple user-friendly touchscreen interface. This graphical programming removes the requirement for operators to input complex code, subsequently reducing set-up and operator training costs.

ISO programming is fully supported and codes can be easily viewed and used at any time as each method of modification updates the other seamlessly within the program.


  • Fanuc® Touchscreen control.
  • Windows® embedded system software.
  • Jones & Shipman graphical programming software.
  • Large integrated Flash memory module for part program storage.
  • Remote pendant incorporating a 2 line LCD display and function buttons.
  • Ethernet connection to enable programs to be managed via a PC or Network.
  • USB, PC card and RS232 assure full flexibility.



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