Kellenberger KEL-VERA an innovative, compact, precision cylindrical grinding machine developed with a lower table for ease of loading.

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Kellenberger KEL-VERA an innovative, compact, precision cylindrical grinding machine developed with a lower table for ease of loading any kind of component up to 400 mm in length. New, very rigid, hydrostatic guideways provide the basis for higher performance and dynamics in the X and Z axes, enabling significantly enhanced productivity and precision of unround components.. Three construction variants, Universal, Universal for Flanged components and Production are available each with various wheelhead options depending upon the model chosen. Ideal for auto loading applications the Kel-VERA has Loading cell, Palette loading, Portal loader or Robot loading cell options. Distance between centers up to 400 mm, height of centers 175 to 250 mm, weight of workpieces up to 250 kg.

Product Features

  • 8 different wheelhead options, Universal, Diagonal, Tandem & Production.
  • Manual or Automatic Indexing or B axis wheelhead options.
  • 3 construction variants, Universal, Universal for Flanged components & Production.
  • Hydrostatic X and Z guideways with no stick slip and good damping.
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy on interpolating the X & Z axes, both for contour grinding and form dressing.
  • Optional C axis for unround components and threads.
  • Optional (KEL-SET) Automatic grinding wheel measuring system.
  • A comprehensive cooling system which includes the hydrostatics, wheelhead, internal grinding spindles and heat exchanger of the electrical cabinet to ensure machine stability.
  • Continual flushing of machine base pan for good removal of grinding deposits.
  • Heidenhain® GRINDplusIT or Fanuc® 310 is control systems.


Different wheelheads

  • Universal
  • Diagonal
  • Tandem types
  • Production type


Constructional variants

  • Universal type
  • Universal type for flanged components
  • Production type


Hydrostatic B-axis

  • Automatic infinitely variable positioning of the wheelhead
  • Direct measuring
  • Indirect measuring



  • Automatic grinding wheel
    measuring system
  • EU Patent Nr. EP 0 542 674 B1
  • US Patent Nr. 5.335.454


Hydrostatics with holding device

  • X- und Z-guideways
  • No stick slip
  • Good damping
  • High dynamics


Table concept
Individual table configuration based on lower table




Platform concept
Optimal arrangement of the wheelhead in relation to the workpiece




Cooling system
for a thermically stable machine

  • Hydrostatics
  • Wheelhead
  • Spindles



  • n1 – 1000 min-1
  • Roundness on workpiece
    dR < 0.4 µm


Workhead with rotating
spindle, only

  • n1 – 1000 min-1



For unround components and threads (option)





  • Morse taper 4
  • Retraction of sleeve 50 mm



Portal loader

  • Integrated portal on machine
  • Two pneumatic lifting modules
  • NC drive longitudinally


Robot cell

  • Loading cell mounted to the side
  • Accessibility without limitation






Loading cell

  • Fixed to the machine
  • Fixed cycle feed for shaft parts
  • Extendable with palettes


  • Standardized palette concepts
  • Platform for individual applications