Tschudin T35 a modular designed production CNC cylindrical grinding machine for Match, Prismatic or bar stock applications in medium and large batch quantities

You can find out more about this product by calling +44 116 201 3000 or downloading a brochure/datasheet or viewing various application videos.

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The modular production cylindrical grinding machine

Axes configuration

  • Straight or angular
  • Range +6° to -30° configurable



Burr-free grinding

  • Several patented processes
  • Production of sharper, burr-free edges



Prismatic grinding system

  • Very efficient production grinding process
  • Shortest part changing time, rapid retooling
  • Fully integrated handling with modular peripherals and great autonomy


Match grinding

  • Highly accurate automatic process with several extension possibilities
  • Automatic cylindrical correction within 0.1 µm range



Grinding from hardened bar stock

  • High precision parts can be finish-ground directly from hardened bar stock




Hydrostatics with holding device

  • X and Z guideways
  • No stick slip
  • Good damping
  • High dynamics



  • Hydrodynamic spindle bearings
  • Roller bearing variant for applications up to 120 m/sec.
  • Grinding wheels 400 – 600 mm



  • In manual or automatic versions
  • Version for automatic taper correction




  • MT5 and MT6 versions in modular construction
  • Synchronously running workheads left and right for special grinding applications



Dressing device

  • Formed dressing roll unit
    installed behind workhead, tailstock or on the table
  • CNC controlled profiling roll unit fitted behind the wheelhead






  • Modular concept for peripherals and handling systems
  • Wide application range from small integrated handling to complex systems with autonomous cells
  • Unrestricted use, water or oil
  • Customer-specific solutions possible

Control systems

  • Siemens 840 D
  • Bosch Rexroth MTX

The software for the control system was developed by grinding specialists and thus permits optimum programming of grinding and dressing processes. A particular highlight is the integration of part-specific features such as measurement technology, handling and additional processing units.